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North Strong in the News: Western Gazette

North Strong Collective was recently featured in the Western Gazette in an article by Charlie O'Connor Clarke:The financial burdens associated with high-level sports is crippling to many of Canada's Olympic hopefuls. So much training and preparation is required that some athletes struggle to find the funds to help keep themselves afloat.

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Increased Funding for Young Athletes

It looks like the Federal Government has lived up to a promise made in 2015 regarding funding for young athletes striving to make the Olympic Games. It has promised $5 Million in annual funding which will be matched by cash donations collected by the Olympic and Paralympic committees. Instead of focusing on medal-potentials like the Own the Podium program did, this funding will focus on the sorely needed funding for young athletes who are working towards their Olympic dreams.  In a recent government consultant report, it was found that Own the Podium was not doing nearly enough to support up-and-coming athletes. The report also demanded a "major rethink" of how funding is distributed to athletes. This speaks to the incredible...

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