Increased Funding for Young Athletes

It looks like the Federal Government has lived up to a promise made in 2015 regarding funding for young athletes striving to make the Olympic Games. It has promised $5 Million in annual funding which will be matched by cash donations collected by the Olympic and Paralympic committees. Instead of focusing on medal-potentials like the Own the Podium program did, this funding will focus on the sorely needed funding for young athletes who are working towards their Olympic dreams. 

In a recent government consultant report, it was found that Own the Podium was not doing nearly enough to support up-and-coming athletes. The report also demanded a "major rethink" of how funding is distributed to athletes. This speaks to the incredible trade-offs thousands of athletes in Canada face on a daily basis.

We have potential future medal winners of all ages that will soon need to make the difficult decision to stop pursuing their dreams because they simply cannot afford it. Without proper funding, our teams lose top coaches, cannot travel to key competitions, and cannot get access to the best training. This fund will certainly help that, but our country has a long way to go in supporting our future medal hopefuls. 

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-Team North Strong