The Open

The Open.

Those two words can have many meanings depending on what your favourite sport is. In golf The Open refers to the British Open, one of the most storied and dramatic sporting events in the world. To tennis fans, The Open could refer to any of the French, U.S., or Aussie Open – three of the four Grand Slams. To those who follow and participate in CrossFit, The Open has a completely different meaning. It is the biggest five-week test of fitness in the world and your yearly exam to see how far you have come in the sport of fitness.

The CrossFit Open is unique in that no other sport allows everyone to compete and see where they stand against the best in the world. It brings 250,000 athletes from over 13,000 affiliated CrossFit gyms together to push themselves, cheer on their friends and training partners, and experience the rush of competing against the best in the world.

Each workout is released on a weekly basis and athletes have limited time to complete it and enter their score. They can then check the global leaderboard online to see where they stand. One of the great features is being able to sort the standings in many different ways. Want to know if you are the fittest teacher in Canada? No problem.

This year, North Strong Collective is excited to be sponsoring Tidal CrossFit’s Open Test Competition at their York Mills location in Toronto. This test is a celebration of fitness and provides competitors of all levels a chance to prepare for the pressure of The Open as well as see some of the best athletes in Canada perform, including elite CrossFIt athletes Patrick Vellner and Laura Hosier. Tidal CrossFit operates four locations in the Greater Toronto Area and have created an incredible family atmosphere that allows people to achieve their goals and foster a desire to work hard for them. We’re thrilled to be partnering with another Canadian organization that is as passionate about making the North Strong as we are.

Please check out info about the Tidal Open Test Competition and how to register HERE and we hope to see you on the competition floor.

- North Strong Collective