Top Canadian Fitness Blogs

Being North Strong means different things to different people. We all have our own goals, challenges, and motivations to live the best life we can on a daily basis. In this blog post we'll share with you some of our favourite Canadian bloggers who inspire and help us to achieve our goals on a daily basis!

1. Eat Life Balance
Eat Life Balance is a health and lifestyle solutions resource for career-drive women looking to improve their health. Julie Pecarski runs a fantastic site with some delicious recipes, product reviews, and blog posts. She also runs events and workshops! Check out Julie's site here.

2. Train it Right
Alicia Bell runs a fantastic site and offers her years of experience in kinesiology, training, and track and field to provide followers with valuable insight to nutrition, fitness, and their everyday lives. Alicia offers online and in person training as well. Her blog is always being updated with great tips! Check it out here.

3. Canadian Fit Dad
Just like the name says - Scott is a seriously fit papa! Scott made some major lifestyle changes and after losing 110 lbs he is the now a gym owner, Olympic Lifting coach, and coaches a variety of athletes at all levels. He definitely embodies what it means to be North Strong and his blog is very honest look at his life! Check it out here.

4. Natural Girl Modern World
Natural Girl Modern World is a food blog that celebrates healthy food for the every day. Based in Vancouver, this vegetarian blog is full of recipes that are perfect for people on the go and includes a lot of local and very Canadian recipes. It is a great source for meal-prepping and Brianne's meals always looks delicious. You can see Natural Girl Modern World here.

5. Catching Heather
Heather Gardner is a marathon runner, indoor cycling coach, yoga teacher, triathlete, and all round lover of everything active. Based in Toronto, Heather is a leader in the fitness community and publishes a fantastic blog that is a must-read for anyone but especially runners. Check out Catching Heather here

Are there any blogs or sites you use on a daily basis? Let us know via email, we're always looking for new inspiration.