Valentine's Day Dates for the Active Canadian

It's that time of year again. A day that is highly-anticipated for some, feared by many: Valentine's Day. Until the teenage years it was a joyous holiday, filled with "chocolate", cool Valentine's Day greetings featuring Power Rangers, Transformers, Disney Princesses, and extra large cards for your teachers. 

Now that we're older Valentine's Day seems like an obligation for many and a reminder that we're single for many others. Forced into buying gifts for their significant other, people often resort to the typical go-tos like chocolate, wine, or jewelry. We say screw that.

Here's a different spin on Valentine's Day - make it an adventure, save your money, and have an experience with your loved one, friend, date, or group of friends! Here are our Top 5 "date" ideas for this Valentine's Day weekend:

#5 - Go for a Walk/Run
Anyone can take 30 minutes out of their day to get some fresh air and spend some time with the person that matters most to them. Why not try walking somewhere in your city you've never been? Or even better, take a quick drive to a park near you and spend some time exploring. Just don't be as smug as this lady.. Watch out for ice!

#4 - Go Golfing
Yes you read that right. There are lots of places in Canada you can golf all year round. You just need a neon ball, some clubs, some warm gloves, and  some serious mental fortitude. Maybe join another couple and enter the 15th Annual Canadian Snow Golf Championships held every year in Midland, New Brunswick

#3 - Take a Hike
Canada is the most beautiful country on earth (in our opinion) so why not enjoy the winter views instead of just Netflix and Chilling! Find some snowshoes or an easy trail in your area and get outside. For those more experienced and with the right gear, check out the views in Garibaldi National Park in B.C. for some inspiration. 

#2 - Go Camping
There are some added benefits to a Valentine's weekend in the frigid outdoors: getting away from the hustle and bustle, being forced to prepare dinner for your loved one, and being forced to huddle together for warmth *wink*. Why not grab a tent and some long johns and check out all that Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario has to offer!

#1 - Go for a Skate
Sure it's cliche, but what's more romantic and fun than carving up the ice with your partner. There are stunning rinks in every Canadian city but our favourite (because some of us can't stop on skates) is the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. it's almost 8 km long and is the largest rink in the world!