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The Open

The Open. Those two words can have many meanings depending on what your favourite sport is. In golf The Open refers to the British Open, one of the most storied and dramatic sporting events in the world. To tennis fans, The Open could refer to any of the French, U.S., or Aussie Open – three of the four Grand Slams. To those who follow and participate in CrossFit, The Open has a completely different meaning. It is the biggest five-week test of fitness in the world and your yearly exam to see how far you have come in the sport of fitness. The CrossFit Open is unique in that no other sport allows everyone to compete and see where they...

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Why we aren’t making New Year’s resolutions for 2017

As we kick-start the new year, this is the time where we try to shake the rust off as we slow down the holiday eating, start drinking mostly water again, and get ourselves ready to take on 2017. We reflect on the past twelve months – we look at what we did well, things we regret, and how we can improve in the new year. Then, we tend to do something else – we set New Year’s resolutions.  We all do it. We resolve not to eat fast food. We say we’re going to work out 7 days a week. We create macros for our diet that we say we’ll stick to every day. And we always do stick to...

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Nice to meet you!

Hey everyone! We are excited the time has come to open the doors on an idea more than a year in the making. We are three athletes from Toronto, Canada, and although we come from different backgrounds, passion for sport and the country where we grew up brought us together. Staying active in the gym and in the Canadian outdoors is a huge part of our lives, and we noticed our clothing did little to embrace this lifestyle and our beautiful country. We are so proud of what our country has to offer, from stunning landscapes, to incredible athletes competing around the globe. We wanted to be able to display that pride in the clothes we wear, so we decided to...

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