About North Strong Collective

You work hard at the gym, on the road, and in the great outdoors. You’re proud of the backyard you play in. Shouldn’t you be able to rep the True North while you explore it?

At North Strong Collective, we were tired of wearing other countries' brands and wanted something that we, as Canadians, could call our own. North Strong Collective is a fitness brand dedicated to the movement of Canadians. We're a collective of gyms and athletes fueled by the drive to push the limits, step outside our boundaries, and present the best version of ourselves to the rest of the world.

Being dedicated to the movement of Canadians also means supporting the Canadian athletic community. Many amateur Canadian athletes struggle to pay for travel, entry fees, uniforms, and other costs associated with playing at elite levels in their sport. This prevents many of these athletes from competing on the world stage. That's why we've made the promise to donate 25% of all North Strong profits to support amateur Canadian athletes, and help them realize their athletic dreams.

Embrace your national pride and help change the face of the Canadian athletic community. Join The Collective today and help us show the world what we're made of!